What you'll learn:

  • how to identify and use different intervals
  • how to build and use ANY chord independently of keys
  • to gain a facility over ALL key signatures and the chords that live within them
  • how to create standard and unique chord progressions
  • how to write a melody from a chord progression and vice versa
  • how to use chords/cadences to properly create musical phrasing
  • how to find the Key to any Song
  • how to change keys using pivot chords
  • the 7 Modes and how to use them

There's more:

  • 12 weeks of collaborative learning experiences 
  • Thorough walk through all music theory modules
  • Piano / Keyboard Lessons to brush up on your composition skills
  • Fun collaborations in class using your own DAW and tracks
  • Recorded videos of future sessions to revisit at any time 

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